Cairn Rescues
We rescued Chris Sept. 2004 at the King County Animal Shelter. Chris was hit by car & has problems with his Left hind leg;with a broken pelvis,he lived on the street for over a year. He was scheduled to die 3 times, but the Humane Society Vet couldn't put him down. It does not stop him from running & playing ball.He's proven to be very affectionate & appreciative. Chris's exact age is not known but, he may be around 4-5yrs. He loves people & I would like to see him in a home were he gets all the attention. He does have special needs & needs to wear a belly band. At the present time he is well cared for & loves to play with the other pups. He'd make some family a wonderful companion. We named him Chris after Christopher Reeves, A True Survivor!